Foreign Land

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Seven years ago, a friend and I took a two week trip to India and Nepal.  I still can feel the vibrancy of India, almost smell the heat of the sun, and hear the bustle of this dynamic place.  India to me was a place of outward experience – a sensory delight and overload.

Nepal was the almost opposite – an inward, spiritual, old soul.

The time we spent in Nepal was full of magic and mysticism for me.  I was truly affected by the friendly people, the spirituality, the influence that the many climbers over the years had made, and the peace that I felt in this ancient place.

I have always had a goal since that trip – to come back to Nepal and to climb to the base camp of Everest.

My memories and love for this place weigh heavy as I think of all of those who’ve been affected by this recent earthquake.  It will be a rough recovery for this poor, but beautiful land.

Travel has the ability to take us outside ourselves, to stretch our dreams and to broaden our views of life.  My life dreams are richer due to my brief time in Nepal and my prayers are with them.