A bit of beauty….

A friend wished me happy birthday this year by describing me as a “lover of fun and beauty.”  Wow – I’ll take that and may want it on my headstone.


I do – I love a good celebration, have been known to stay out way too late, always balk when people decline a party invitation (not my kind of people), always over-book myself, am passionate about beautiful things from nature to the curve of a champagne glass, the cover of a good book, a clean line, a pretty table, a flower.  A beverage tastes better in a gorgeous glass, I sleep better in beautiful pajamas, a sunset is even more gorgeous set on the ocean.

One of my first friends here in New Zealand, who has since moved back to Canada, sent me this unexpected tea towel.  It arrived in the early morning courier, just when I was about to start breakfast service.  It made my day – made me smile and cry at the same time.

Beauty is to be celebrated and it is beautiful here (here being a mindset.)  I think my guests enjoyed an even better breakfast than normal due to the spring my step.

Thank you my friend, the world is small.  Go get it!