Guest Stories


We recently had a mid-week booking for two nights, for three couples.  I love it when we have a full House with guests that have travelled together, and was delighted to see them pull up in one car and welcome them.

They requested pizzas one night, and we enjoyed lighting up the oven and sharing the knowledge that we’ve obtained so far from being part time pizza makers, (00-flour for our home-made dough, let the dough rest at least 24 hours, polenta on the paddle to ensure it slips off easily, olive oil on the crust, plenty of fresh herbs and of course chilies.)

We tried to ensure that they had all they needed, but allow them a bit of peace and privacy.

Towards the end of their trip they shared that they have know each other for 20+ years and for about the past 10-12 have travelled together once a year.  One couple plans it and keeps it a secret.  They sometimes drive hours out of their way (like coming to us from Napier) to keep the other couples guessing where they are going.

We were so honored that they chose the House for this year’s trip and to hear how much they enjoyed their stay (the most lovely review on Trip Advisor.)

Love hearing the life stories of our guests and hearing of people making the time for the people who matter most to them.