Winter Bounty


Winter gardening – especially winter crops, are very new to me. Winter in the Northern Hemisphere means a time of frost and a time of rest for growth.

Here in New Plymouth, I am able to keep growing in the winter months and have planted salad greens, beets (beet root), cabbage, scallions (green onions), red and white potatoes, garlic and onions.  These crops are not like summer ones, as they take months to grow.   Many are the “plant on the shortest day – harvest on the longest” types that force me to remember the opposite seasons as to what I am used to.

Now at the start of summer we are harvesting our bounty.  Onions and potatoes that we use every day for guest breakfast, tons of garlic (over 100 heads,) herbs and lettuce for our lunch and dinner .

Who knew this New Yorker would get such delight about such simple pleasures?  My growth continues.