Everything is coming up…

We are happily recovering from our busiest period ever!  We were booked out for almost the entire two weeks of the Taranaki Powerco Garden festival and loved having the house full of guests who were discovering this beautiful region through the passion of our local gardeners.

Our own gardens feature many rose bushes.  The front of the house is lined with them and they are now erupting in a riot of colors – white, pink, yellow, red, and orange.  Roses are the most intimidating plants to me.  They seem to require a lot of skill, need a lot of spraying to keep pests away, and show off a gardener’s skills or lack of them quite quickly.

They must have been a labor of love for the previous owners of the house.  Over the past year, I have tried my best to keep them healthy and have spent the winter months in eager anticipation of how they would do.

I am so very pleased with the outcome.  Rod mentioned that there were people walking by the house over the weekend who stopped to look and admire them.  After a big effort over the past weeks and many long days, that made me feel like an actual gardener and reminded me that we are doing it!  We are living our dream!

You can do it, all you need is a hand.
We can do it, Mama is gonna see to it!
Curtain up! Light the lights!
We got nothing to hit but the heights!
I can tell, wait and see.
There’s the bell! Follow me!
And nothing’s gonna stop us ’til we’re through!
Honey, everything’s coming up roses and daffodils!
Everything’s coming up sunshine and Santa Claus!
Everything’s gonna be bright lights and lollipops!
Everything’s coming up roses for me and for you!

“Everything’s Coming Up Roses”