Everything is bigger…

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One of the greatest things about living in New Zealand and a repeated comment that we hear from our guests, is just how fresh and flavorful the food is.  We get eggs that are hours old, herbs and vegetables still warm from the sun, and due to our many fruit trees are able to offer freshly picked fruit most mornings.

My father had a healthy love of food that he’s passed along.  I am my father’s daughter when it comes to food, always thinking of my next meal.  I’ve tried juice diets and have always failed miserably.  It’s not the hunger that gets me, it’s the absence of pleasure.  Three times a day I get to stop, sit and eat and enjoy one of the most simple pleasures in life.

I’ve had a few funny food experiences related to size over the past few weeks.  The first is our experience with huge avocados.  We picked Weston up from the kennel recently and the kind owner told us to take some fresh avocados that another client has dropped off.   They were the size of large grapefruits and perfect ripe.  One alone made a huge bowl of guacamole.  Simply amazing.

Then, we were trying to decide what to have for dinner this past weekend, and went to one of our simple regulars, steak and salad.  I had in mind two simple, small steaks with a little mushroom sauce and lettuce from the garden dressed with lemon juice and olive oil.  This picture shows you Rod’s idea of a few simple steaks.   When living in London our butcher asked me if we ran a restaurant with the amount of meat we’d regularly purchase.  Nope, I just had a Kiwi boyfriend.

I’m glad my running shoes are by the door.