Our Local…

“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.”
Ruth Reichl

When we moved to New Zealand our minds were set on moving to Auckland and our belongings were on our way to the capital city.  We believed we were just stopping in New Plymouth to visit with Rod’s family for a few weeks and get on our feet before heading North.

It took us about a month to change our minds.  We began to discover all that this city has to offer – artist talks from Govett Brewster, theatre at New Plymouth Little theatre and the TSB Showplace, the walkway that I go on and on about, and the many restaurants, cafes and bars that make this a lively city.  We were sitting in the sun at the surf festival, and had a long talk about our plans and asked ourselves “why are we going anywhere?”  We determined to give it a go in New Plymouth, called the movers, redirected our belongings and got stuck in to making a life here.

A year+ later here we are – happily loving the life we’ve made.  One of the best things about living at Hosking House, is the quick walk into ‘town’ and the proximity to all that’s going on.  A few months back, a new Tapas Bar opened just 2 blocks from us, and The Hour Glass has quickly become our local.  Mark and AJ have just gotten it right.  It’s warm, elegant, down to earth and has an amazing wine list (some say the beer list is the best in town,) and beautiful plates of tapas.  (Try the calamari!)  It’s become our Friday go-to for a glass of wine and date night time and even features a merry band of local musicians who wander in and add to the atmosphere.

It was our delight when recommending The Hour Glass to guests last week and to hear that they stopped in multiple times during their stay in New Plymouth.  That alone makes me want to high-five someone while simultaneously dancing in the kitchen and fist-pumping.

We’ve joined their loyalty club, and even have our own wine glass waiting in our Hosking House cupboard.  We’re headed here for a Winesday wine tasting tonight with friends and will put them to good use.