Magical Moment


We are just finishing a very busy period of events and have a day break before we have guests in for the next 6 weeks straight.

One of the best events we’ve ever held here at the House was the recent fundraiser for Gabby’s Starlit HOPE

Gabby’s mom Sarah put her heart and soul into the event.  Her dad and grandparents worked tirelessly on all of the beautiful details.  Friends of Gabby’s were there volunteering, and modelling.  The community came out to support with donated goods, services, goodie bag inserts and even MCing.

As the day arrived, it was bucketing down with rain.  But the spirit within the walls of those marquees was full of love.  It was magical and sweet and it made me cry on a number of occasions (like now.)

Our ability to play even the smallest of parts in a day like this is a part of this business that comes solely from our hearts.  That day enriched my life and goes beyond the walls of this House.  It makes me love what I do for a living even more.