Going to the bother


As I reflect on the holiday season  there are a few moments that stand out.

  • A wonderful conversation with German guests as we shared the feelings of being far from family and friends during Christmas and New Years and how the holidays were just not the same – new traditions and good times, but all together just different
  • Decorating the tree on the porch with Mom, cutting it down with her and Mary during their visit and watching their creative decorating
  • Christmas Eve with my dear friend at Church, carrying on family traditions
  • Biking to and from Rod’s parents on the walkway, our day filled with good food and family and the beauty of our new town
  • Making egg nog, a relatively new tradition for me as Rodney had never tried it and they didn’t have it in the stores in the UK.  I now love making a wonderful home-made version with plenty of cream, spices, rum and bourbon

And this year a very new tradition for me.  We were very busy with guests over Christmas and I had one rare morning of being able to stay in bed a bit late.  Rodney always makes and brings me coffee in bed during such occasions and instead of getting on my laptop, I got to open and savor the many beautiful Christmas cards we received from friends.

I know for all that the season is epic-busy and that we cause people living in the US to have one more to-do on their list – going to the post office and mailing cards internationally.  On top of all there is to do and finish before Christmas comes, our sweet friends and family went an extra mile for us.

I cannot thank you enough.  Seeing your smiling faces each day has made the miles shorter and the distance between us small.  It may seem like a little, wee gesture, but you made my Christmas.

thank you.