Day in pictures

The task today is to tell our daily story in pictures.

Hosking House today was polished, and primed, awaiting a bride and groom to stay here the night before their wedding.

thurs thurs1 thurs2

After my run, I popped into my favorite local florist Petal & Prickle to pick up some stems for the entryway.  It turns out that she is doing the flowers for our guest’s wedding!  I was able to choose a sweet arrangement that she thought the bride would like and we chatted a bit about how we can work together when she has projects for people booked in with us.

She is also directly next door to our new favorite ‘local’.  A wine/tapas bar that has a fantastic vibe, and serves Zinfandel by the glass!  We might be treating ourselves to a glass or two tonight after the bride and groom depart!