Start of the day

The seasons are ‘a changing here in Taranaki.  The days are warm and sunny but the nights are still a bit ‘fresh’ (I LOVE that term for cold. I first heard it in London and it perfectly described that crisp, sometimes foggy, start to the day that we often encountered during rowing sessions.  The mist coming off of the Thames, the needing to keep that warm layer on until the sun came up and warmed the air.)

The hot house is packed with little seedlings that benefit from the warmth of the day and are protected from the cold nights.

While we both celebrate the warmer days, we are cherishing the roaring fire at night.  I think Rod’s building them even bigger than normal as these nights are fleeting.  Soon we will give it a good clean, put away the big faux mink blanket I wrap myself in each night, and give way to the amazing season that is Summer in Taranaki.  The beach awaits – woohooo.

This change means a change to our Breakfast Menu.  Gone is:

Warm Winter Porridge – (  )

Creamy porridge topped with honey and served with chopped walnuts, candied ginger and raisins/dried cranberries.

Replaced by:

Banana  Pancakes- (  )

Warm whole wheat pancakes with sautéed bananas, served with butter and maple syrup.

Yummo!  I think I added it just because I love making and eating pancakes.  They scream of lazy Sunday mornings to me, and with my increase in running training the craving for carbs must be fed.  Change indeed!