Fire it up!


I had such a fun time shopping at a little local market called Vetro last week.  We have been talking about starting up the pizza oven again after a winter going without.  This past long weekend was the perfect opportunity and a stop at Vetro gave me all the inspiration I needed.

When I travel, a stop at the grocery store is usually high on my list.  Bringing home little cookies, or parma ham, or cheeses and wines is the perfect way to keep a vacation going.  This stop at Vetro brought me right back to trips to Italy, Spain and France.  A little dry French rose in the sun, some amazing roasted peppers, memories of long lunches.

It’s a great local addition, and the owner does some amazing dishes for take aways on Fridays.  I may surprise Rod and Weston one Friday with a picnic down at the port.  Bringing memories of past travels home to our House.  Until we can break out the passport again….