Day Eighteen


You, The Sandwich
If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be? Describe it. 

Hard one – but I think it would have to be the combination of a crisp French Tavel rosé and a little bowl of good quality crisps/potato chips.  That combination of cold crisp wine, and dry salty chips.  Indulgent but down to earth and a bit fun.  Me.

For the House, our signature dish is by far our Hosking House Mushrooms on Toast.  It’s simple so the ingredients need to be good quality.  Makes a great breakfast, or simple lunch or dinner.

Sautéed mushrooms with house-grown garlic, rosemary & a fried egg, served on top house-made wheat bread.

Recipe for one person:


-1 and 1/2 large portabello mushrooms, thinly sliced.
-clove of garlic, thinly sliced
-Teaspoon chopped rosemary (can use chives or thyme)
-Tablespoon each of butter and olive oil
-Salt and pepper to taste
-One egg
-Slice of wheat bread (home-made, or good quality store bought.)

1.  Heat pan to medium/hot heat
2.  Add butter and oil, when it begins to froth, add mushrooms
3.  Let mushrooms brown on one side for 2-3 minutes before stirring
4.  Add garlic, rosemary (reserving a bit for garnish,) salt and pepper
5.  Saute for another 2-3 minutes
6.  In the meantime, fry the egg to your liking, and toast the bread
7.  To plate, scatter the mushrooms over the toast, top with egg, and garnish
8.  Tuck in